The advice process offered to you is designed around putting the customer at the centre. Because no two clients are the same MFP aim to ensure you can rely on any advice being personalised to your circumstances whilst ensuring that it is affordable at the same time. The advice process will follow a simple five stage process including regular reviews where appropriate, which is designed to ensure that what is advised today is still relevant and on target for tomorrow.

All advice given will be Independent from any provider and be from the whole of the market. When advising you, we are working for you and in your best interests.


At Marlbrook Financial Planning a five step process will be conducted which aims to make sure we meet your financial plans.

  1. Getting to know you – as it sounds, this will be a simple chat about your goals, needs and plans for the future. You will be asked about your current financial situation and your current financial arrangements. We will also ascertain your attitude towards investment risk, reward, volatility and capacity for loss.
  2. Research – Don’t worry this will be performed at the office so as to minimise your time. This step will involve looking at your goals and requirements and then defining a tailored solution from the whole of the market.
  3. Presenting your Financial Solutions – Once the research is completed and your individual report is ready, it will then be presented to you. Any specific recommendations and potential actions will be fully discussed with you in person at a time that suits you.
  4. Implementation – This step will involve carrying out any advice that has been given, whether this is completing an application, making changes to existing policies or even doing nothing! This will only happen once we have a mutually agreed a course of action.
  5. On-going reviews – As with all good advice, it usually needs to be reviewed regularly. As part of our initial discussions, we will agree with you how often there are follow up reviews which are designed to ensure your needs continue to be met.

If you would like to receive advice or discuss this process further then please either call 0151 2222737 or complete the contact form to be contacted by an adviser.

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